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Sunnyside A - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
Darwent, Paul3
Dewhurst, Rachel14
Dewhurst, Rebecca15
Gardner, Gill1
Grayson, Callum12
Hart, Jen1
Jones, Ashley1
Kearns, Helen3
Kearns, Martin14
Lord, Alexandra2
Schofield, Ellie12
Stephenson, Brian14
Varley, Andrew4

Sunnyside B - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
Costley-Wood, David6
Darwent, Paul15
Finnigan, John8
Ford, Wendy1
Gardner, Gill4
Hart, Jen11
Jones, Ashley2
Kearns, Helen14
Lord, Alexandra14
M, S2
Moody, Sandra1
Sutton, Rachel3
Varley, Andrew15

Sunnyside C - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
Agar, Harry2
Costley-Wood, David8
Finnigan, John10
Gardner, Gill8
Gardner, Richard6
Hesketh, Alison1
Jackson, Holly2
Lily, Beth11
Lin, Helen1
M, S10
Moody, Sandra1
Sutton, Rachel8
Wang, Carolyn4

Sunnyside D - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
Agar, Harry10
Cook, Eloise10
Foote, Gerry1
Gardner, Richard8
Jackson, Holly4
Knowles, Glenys1
Lily, Beth1
Lin, Helen1
Moody, Sandra8
Tate, Oliver9
Tomlinson, Tim3
Wang, Carolyn7
Wang, Xiyao1


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