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Ascension A - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
bagley, cath14
danson, elaine2
de wolf, james1
forrest, A15
franks, Linda2
greenwood, a16
mackie, alex15
mcquinn, aiden16
platt, rachel15

Ascension B - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
anderton, mia4
aspden, michael2
benison, steve1
danson, elaine13
de wolf, james15
franks, Linda15
holmes, jared3
jackson, gordon2
needham, jack15
neild, michelle6
wilkinson, nathanial10
Woodhouse, Alison2
woodhouse, sarah8

Ascension C - 2021/2022

Player NameAppearances
anderton, mia11
ashworth, clare2
aspden, michael16
Begh, Shahan7
benison, steve9
jackson, gordon17
Knowles, Glenys1
neild, michelle14
rhodes, phil1
rosier, michael1
tomlinson, Bernadette11
webster, glenys3
Woodhouse, Alison9


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